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A real entry - Are we not men?
A real entry
I look really good covered in rocks.

We went on a geology field trip today. It was mega. The coolest was the quarries, we saw one that had granite with basalt dikes and another with an almost pure-silica sandstone. I was covered in sandstone, because it was less like stone and more like.. sand. It was just like someone made a giant sand castle with white sand. Then, there was some kind of milk-looking clay stuff, got that all over my hands. Then we decided to walk on the mud towards the pool of water in the middle of the quarry, and it was like quicksand! One guy likened it to walking on Flan. So, that was all over my shoes. I got to put the HCl on all the rocks (that's how you determine if it's got calcite in it). I went up to the teacher, when I was acquiring the HCl, and asked if I could score a hit of acid :)

Then I came back to Dallas and helped run the game. It rox0red. Bed now.
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