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Ewww! - Are we not men?
Robot dogs! On TV! For real!

MyBuddy: rank these fluids in order of repugnance:

camel spit


alien goo


rat squeezin

RC Cola

Me: ok, touching me? or do i have to drink it?

Me: i like rc cola.

MyBuddy: touching you

MyBuddy: and you can smell it

Me: ok, touching me, it would be, from least repugnant to
most, RC Cola, Bile, alien goo, camel spit, rat squeezin, pus.

MyBuddy: this is a fun game

Me: yeah it is

MyBuddy: brb. gonna smoke.

Me: ok, you rate 'em touching. i'm gonna rate 'em drinking.
how do you explain bile to a kid?

Me: oh, the pus has to be someone else's.

MyBuddy: RC, alien goo, camel spit, bile, rat squeezin, pus

Me: i think i'm gonna keep the same order for drinkin.

MyBuddy: I might, too

Me: altho i'd be more likely to drink alien goo because,
well, it's alien.

Me: their goo might taste like soda.

MyBuddy: Or Kuat

Me: yeah

Me: i couldn't find it again. i went back to that same 7-11

Me: but no kuat.

Me: what about vomit?

MyBuddy: I would not want to touch or drink vomit, ever.

Me: ok, rate these: bird vomit, cow vomit, dog vomit,
human vomit, shark vomit

MyBuddy: from most to least disgusting: shark, bird, dog, cow,

Me: i'd go with that.

MyBuddy: What about these: monkey diarrhea, ape diarrhea,
emu diarrhea, human diarrhea, Ed's diarrhea

Me: sebaceous ed?

MyBuddy: yeah

Me: ok. emu, monkey, ape, human, ed.

MyBuddy: same here

Me: ok, which of these fluids would you least like to top
your pancakes: semen, blood, hydrochloric acid, pee, drool

MyBuddy: HCl, drool, blood, pee, semen

Me: i'll take that order.

MyBuddy: OK, what would you least want sprinkled on
donuts: scabs, spiders, iron filings, foot shavings, dingleberries

Me: spiders, iron filings, foot shavings, scabs,

MyBuddy: I'd go with iron filings, spiders, scabs, foot shavings,
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