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Questions posted by a friend of mine - Are we not men?
Questions posted by a friend of mine
These questions might not be interesting to some of you. But that's OK, I'm answering because they were asked.

do you feel any of this on here is real?
Define "REAL"... ;)

do you like bread?
I do.

do you hate spagetti sauce?
No... but it's not my favourite

do you fall in love easily? with people who you barely know?
If having crushes on animated fictional characters counts, then yeah. Otherwise, not really.

do you feel like maybe you live in a fantasy world? maybe youre wasting your life dreaming?
I like my fantasy world! And it's not wasted.

do you wonder what any of anything really means?
I used to. Then I realized it didn't really matter, because there are more important things than the meaning of life and stuff.

do you hate it when people get hung up and bent out of shape over the words we use?
You're talking about me, aren't you? I'm picky about words, especially in writing. If we are going to use the internet as a communication tool, we have to be aware of how our words are read, not just how they are written.
The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter--it's the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning. -- Mark Twain

do you want a family, but wonder if you really want it, or is it just one more thing society talks us into?
I have a family. And it's not society, it's biology. We are biologically programmed to procreate, so when we get about mid-30s, if we haven't had children, our biological clocks go off and we think about it. Everyone does, even the people who decide they don't want children. It's instinct.

do you wonder if any of us truly like/dislike/want anything without being influenced by society, and what it says is good or bad?
I used to, but then I realized that I honestly like what I like, so who cares how I got to like it? Plus, if society influenced what I like, I'd dig all those bands with numbers in the band name. What's really funny is when people do something to be different, and it's the same thing that everyone else is doing to be different. That cracks me up!

do bad corperate training videos make you laugh?
One time I was working, and they called us into the office, and told us we had to do ethics training. I told the boss to sign my name, then I went back downstairs and finished the side project that I was using company resources to do.

do you laugh at parts in movie where no one else laughs, and then get weird looks?
YES. Stuff is funny to me that doesn't seem to be funny to other people.

do you analyze things crazily, and then talk about just want to experience something, without critical opinion?
Hrm... I guess not... because I don't really get this.

are you a romantic? are you a logical person? are you conflicted in every of your life?
If by romantic you mean "do you like to daydream that you're an aquatic rodent", then, OK.

do you hesitate for too long, before sending/leaving a letter that you know may change things between two people, and arent sure how they will react? did you like that rush of panic you get when you send it, and cant get it back?
Er.... probably not, but I may have when I was younger.

are you unsure of what 'true love' is, but still believe it exsists?
I know what true love is, and it's not the romantic lovey-dovey stuff depicted in film. True love is unconditional and not dependant on the feelings of the beloved. True love wants the best for the beloved, in all areas of life, and wants the beloved to be ecstatically happy, at any expense. If the beloved is happy, then True Love is happy.

have you analyzed love to the point where it can almost seem medical at times?
See above... probably not. Sex, however, involves goo.

do you ever wonder if you have ever felt really happy?
I have felt really happy, so I don't wonder, no.

do you ever feel like youre missing out? on almost everything?
Nahh, I've got time.

do you ever wave to someone, and felt really awkward when they didn't see/ignored you?
Hehehe, I don't know! I don't feel awkward often, though.

do you ever feel like everyone specifically is not tallking about you, and wished they were, even if it was bad?
No, I have a huge ego, and I figure everyone has at least mentioned me.

do you ever feel that most people judge you, the second they see you, hate them for it, and then, do the same thng yourself? all the time? every day?
Er... that would be No.

do you feel hungover every morning, drink or not? do you ever feel less hungover when you do actually drink?
I don't drink. But I don't like to get up in the morning. But, in answer to the questions, no.

does your life actually feel like a never ending headache at times?
No, but sometimes money problems stress me out. And sometimes my child is REALLY LOUD.

do you have trouble talking to people face to face, and yet if you have an excuse, something to hide behind, do alright? but then, worry, because you have made no real connection with the person, just connected an event to someone?
Not really, no.

do you try really hard to be a people person, but know youre really not one?
No, because I know I'm not a people person. I like solitude. That's why I'm never online, I just can't handle talking to a million people at once. I get energized when I'm around a big group, but I really enjoy my time alone.

do you like coffee?
Hell yeah!

do you quote strange things, and no one gets them?
I used to. Now if no one gets it, I just pretend it was mine. I'm convinced the ultimate humour doesn't involve references.

do you think/write great things in your head, but can never remember them later?
Sometimes, which is why I have a system now for remembering what I thought of.

do you live in florida?

do you love long conversations that go no where, but feel like they go everywhere? do you revel in those unspoken things, that are none the less, said very loud?
I don't think I understand that. But... I have really great conversations about nothing all the time.

do you love/hate awkward silences?
There's not usually an awkward silence for very long around me. Either it's a comfortable silence, or I say stuff.

do you read wayyyy too far in between the lines?
No, I do the opposite. That's why I don't understand that dating-type talk, where someone says "You look nice" and they really mean "I wish you were naked in my bed." I figure, if they say I look nice, that I look nice.

do you feel alone in crowds?
I feel more annoyed in crowds.

do you have anxiety attacks?
Probably not.

do you badly want to spend new years with someone you care about deeply, but theres no one around?
No, I want to spend it alone watching tv. I planned it that way. My kid is at her grandparents' tonight, so I get to be alone.

do you feel like youre missing out?
On what? Well, I do contemplate moving to LA and working in the animation industry, but I figure I have time. I'd rather stay here while my child is young and fun. (joint custody, you know)

I'm all : indescribable indescribable
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Date: January 2nd, 2003 - 06:22 pm
do you ever feel like everyone specifically is not tallking about you, and wished they were, even if it was bad?
No, I have a huge ego, and I figure everyone has at least mentioned me.

Yes, everyone does talk about you, or at least mention you. I wanna read that damn #starbug Survivor story what you wrote years ago. I'd forgotten about it until I was remined of it the other day. You never did let me read it. And apparently I'm in it. So I wanna read it, dammit!
Are you gonna eat that?
Date: January 2nd, 2003 - 07:13 pm
Well, I never finished it, and I mistakenly put some coupling in it that was accurate at the time of writing, but has since become not just inaccurate but probably slightly bitter as well. That's when I learned that putting references in a story only dates it.

The main reason you'll never get to read it is because it's on my old PC, which is in a corner of the spare room.
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