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Happy 2003 - Are we not men?
Happy 2003

Who are your favourite characters from the following cartoon genres:
1.) Anime
2.) Looney Tunes
3.) Disney
4.) Nicktoons
5.) Cartoon Cartoons
6.) Hanna-Barbera
7.) American-made action cartoons (GI Joe; Batman; etc.)
8.) Brit-toons

Who was the best director of Tom & Jerry?

What cartoons do you miss that are no longer aired in your country?

What is the best animated feature film?

What was the worst animated feature film?

What is the best television cartoon format: 6 minute; 11 minute; 24 minute?

Who is the best character ever created?

OK, my asnwers in a few. I'm really actually interested in answers to these, plus it'll be fun I think .. I don't know... gimme a sandwich.

I'm all : curious curious
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