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Boy did I have a weird dream - Are we not men?
Boy did I have a weird dream
I was in a music group or something, and we were staying at some fancy hotel in Dallas. The day after our big concert, Tommy Lee Jones recruits me to be in his elite anti-robot force. Kinda like Men in Black, but we had two suits: a black one, and a sortof mauve with plaid one. So, I have to go back to the same hotel, in the same room where I was before. But then we jet to Atlanta, and I remember this because our hotel keys had little carvings on them. While in Atlanta, I have a dream about Eminem's latest music video, and that it will be attacked by robots. So, I'm just sauntering through the hotel in Atlanta, and I glance over at an open room, and my oldest and dearest friend Eminem is in there with his wife, who is blind. Their baby had been taken by robots the week before, so it was sad. It was really good to see them again, though. Then his mother and his sister came over. It was like a reunion. That's when I had to inspect my hotel keys (I had 3) to see what room I was in, and I noticed they had carvings on them. I didn't recognize the carvings on the third key. So, we're all talking, and they're telling me about how robots have taken over their home town, and it was just like in my dream. So then, I have to go, to battle robots, and we have a tearful farewell. I leave, and I see Brian walking down the sidewalk, so I call out to him, and he says hi. Then, the sprinklers came on and he took off running like a dingus. So I yelled "Wait for me! Don't run like a dingus!" I was walking faster than normal, but it was just water, you know. But it was actually a plot by the robots! The sprinklers were on so high that they flooded the streets of Atlanta, where the parade was going on, and people who fell into the gutter were being grabbed by evil robots. A little girl was running and fell and skinned her knee, so I gave up trying to follow Brian and went to help her. Someone else went to help her, but fell into the gutter and turned out, it was an evil robot POSING as her mother!

The end.


I probably forgot some stuff.

I'm all : enthralled enthralled
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