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I'm 33 today! - Are we not men?
I'm 33 today!
And I found a really long gray hair!

I got a cd burner and a fancy calculator today. Not as gifts, I had to buy 'em. A birthday gift to me, from me. I made some CDs, seemed to work fine. It's external!

So now I'm eating Spongebob macaroni and listening to tunes. Yay me!

I'm all : chipper chipper
Jammin' with : The Swingle Singers - Gavotte
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I'm a babe magnet.
Date: January 28th, 2003 - 11:16 pm
Happy Birthday, Val. For your birthday, I give you a special birthday wish!

Ich bin der Geburstagnazi! Möchten Sie ein Fledermaus für Ihrer Feuernachtisch essen, bitte?
I've been goosed!
Date: January 29th, 2003 - 10:06 pm
2 droids -- Spew an android