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Hrm, got bor-ed. - Are we not men?
Hrm, got bor-ed.
Random Musings

On a file-sharing program, I like to "See all from this user". Or whatever it says. Almost invariably, the user has pr0n on their PC. And I don't mean people who are serving Eminem videos or something. I mean people who are serving Spongebob eps, or classical music. Stuff that you would think would bring up the occasional person with NO pr0n on their PC.

Know what's weird? People who hate an animal that isn't vermin. I understand hating vermin, especially if you're a neatnik. But like, I used to know a guy who hated cats. All cats. Like, active hate. One time we were driving down the road and there was a dead cat on the shoulder, and he pointed and laughed! I could see him being amused if it was killed by some act of predation, but it was just a dead cat on the road. That's like laughing at a dead possum, or armadillo, or whatever regional flavour of roadkill you happen to have.

Which brings up another point. People who say they love dogs, then say they hate chihuahuas or poodles or something. Well, which is it? Do you love dogs, or hate chihuahuas?

Why do we love to see someone on tv get real mad, but we hate to see someone we know get real mad? It's funny on tv, it should be funny in real life! I usually laugh when someone is real mad at me. Then they get even angrier, which is even funnier. One time when my mom was lecturing me I laughed for like 15 minutes. It makes me a little less effective as a parent, because when I get mad at Holly, she laughs, and then I realize it's funny, so I laugh. I can't wait for the day my mom tries to lecture us both.

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