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Some things that need sayin' - Are we not men?
Some things that need sayin'
I'm going to say many things about a show that isn't even current. But I only found it last year.

I'm really mad that I didn't know this show when it was currently producing. I feel like I'm so far behind.

Oh, in case you didn't read the lj-cut text, I'm referring to Nickelodeon's Angry Beavers. MAN that show is great. It's awesome. It's amazing. I started watching it because it had the most amazingly perfect opening sequence. There's not a single flaw, that I could find anyway, in the opening sequence animation. And none of it is clips from an episode, like most opening sequences. Watch it sometime. Watch how perfectly Norbert does his little hippy-step, and look at Dag's arms whenever he's doing the tapdance. It's so fluid and natural. Another great moment in animation is the oversized item gags. You know, like an enormous paintbrush coming out of an average sized paint can. There's a scene in the episode Pack Your Dags in which Norbert is carrying a huge chest on his back, at least three times as wide as the doorway, and yet he walks it through calmly and without compression. There are other Escher-esque moments in other episodes as well.
One of the most brilliant aspects of the show is the simplicity of the art style. The simple brushstroke hands and feet; and the relatively formless body shapes. Then there's the comic-book style artwork in the Oxnard Montalvo sequences. I was initially surprised that someone had managed to keep the large front teeth of rodents and still manage to make the characters look cute. Usually, to be cute in animation, teeth have to be unobtrusive. The art would be a pleasure to look at even if it weren't animated.
The incidental music is a perfect combination of public-domain classical pieces and original works. The most interesting is something I like to call Reminder Music. It's original work that reminds the listener of some existing work. Not enough to infringe on copyrights, of course, but just enough to let us know exactly what pop song or classical composition was referenced. I personally think the ultimate use of this Reminder Music was in the episode Euro Beavers, in which Dag is proving his Euro-ness by calling upon the pop group BaBa. The group, and the songs they sing, are obviously takeoffs of Abba. Some of the other original incidental music is quite infectious as well, and I find myself singing it when I'm in the car and the CD player isn't working.
I may be nearly done with this discussion, or I may merely be beginning. I'm going to talk about the characters now. All of the characters are great. In most shows, I find at least one character that I can't stand to the point of wishing there were no episodes about that character. I can't think of any characters like that in Angry Beavers.
First, of course, there's Norbert and Daggett. Norbert at first glance seems like the suave, cool one. But in reality, he's insecure and a bit of a doofus. Daggett, on the other hand, appears to be a hyper doofus, but he's much more secure in who he is and isn't afraid to be himself. Norb is afraid for Dag to be himself, though. It's the combination of characteristics that makes each of them amusing and endearing. I typed a bunch of stuff, then I erased it, because I just can't think of the right things to say to explain how great the beavers are. Norb and his purposeful mispronunciations, Dag and his "Stupid EH! Stupid EH! Stupid EH!" I love it when they go swimming. Especially when they don swimwear. Norb wears a speedo! Actually, I love any time they wear clothes. Dag has those pajamas with the oven mitt for a tailcover. Sometimes they wear suits, and of course I can't discuss their clothing without bringing up Muscular Beaver and his arch-nemesis, Baron Bad Beaver (who is occasionally a sidekick called Baron Once-bad-now-good Beaver). They make great sounds, too. A great example is in the episode Another One Bites The Musk; they can't stand being near anything that was musked by the other. Which brings up another point - I love it in a show about animals when they show the characteristics of the animal in question. So, I love the episode about musk, as well as any time they use their "second lids".
Before I leave this subject, I must confess that I absolutely love Daggett. Just so we're clear on that.
The main characters aren't the only great characters. Norb's love interest, Treeflower, is always changing careers, and usually quite drastically. In the episode Pass It On, every single shot of her has her in a different costume. I want to talk about how cool Barry, Big Rabbit, Bing, Truckie, and Stump are, but ... well, Stump doesn't actually DO anything onscreen. It's only ever implied that Stump is a sentient being. And then, of course, there's Norb & Dag's father. And Scientist #1 and Pete. And I can't forget El Grapadura! What a brilliant concept! And of course Oxnard Montalvo. But I'm quite sleepy, so I'll just leave it at that.
The last thing on my agenda is the situations they get into. Sometimes the situation seems like it's going to be lame, but somehow they make it funny! Case in point, House Broken.

I REALLY have to go to bed now. I love that show. I'm going to marry it.

I'm all : sleepy sleepy
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