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On another note... - Are we not men?
On another note...
Did I mention that my apartment complex finally said I could get a doggie? Yeah!

So I went and paid the pet deposit, and we went out to the shelters looking for a tiny little doggy. But all the dogs available for adoption (at several shelters) were all quite large. So, I still don't have a dog.

I want a chihuahua, so I went and searched on the 'net, and there's a chihuahua rescue group. But they have this insane process you must go through before adopting a dog. There's all this paperwork, and they have to schedule a visit to your home, and all kinds of stuff.

Even if I found a dog to adopt, it would cost me a $125 adoption fee. And I can get an AKC registered chihuahua for about $150. If I just go to the city animal shelter, I can get a dog for a much lower adoption fee. Or, I could find free to good home dogs in the newspaper. But I'm awfully tempted to check out these local breeders, simply because it's much less hassle. Geez, I just want a little doggy!

I'm all : confused confused
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