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What a cool dream! - Are we not men?
What a cool dream!
OK, I have to go back to bed in a minute, but I had to share this before I forgot.

As some of you know, I am occasionally transformed into an aquatic rodent in my dreams. So, in this dream, there was a forest blues band, and I was singin lead. Dag was on drums, Norb was playin guitar, Treeflower had the Hammond, Barry was on piano, and Big Rabbit was on bass. (I scare you, yes?) I wish I could remember all the words to the song, because it was quite good, but the only lyrics I recall is the main chorus bit, which went "If it fits like a hand in a glove, and it soothes like mentholatum rub, it must be love." It was a semi-modified 12-bar blues, but without the repeated lyrics of most 12-bar. I wish I could remember more lyrics. And it totally rocked! The funniest part, from a viewer's point of view, was whenever animals were playing solos, I'd comment on the story the solo was telling. Like, in the guitar solo, it got real bluesy, and so I said "Ooh, ya know that hurt!" Stuff like that, during everyone's solos. Man, I wish I knew a band as good as the one that lives in my subconscious, because, DAMN, that was some BLUES!

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