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I'm home sick today. - Are we not men?
I'm home sick today.
So, I sent email to my contacts at work and my professor and TA at school, and do you know, in between yesterday about 4pm and this morning at about 6, one of my contacts in the office was fired or quit! What's interesting is that I'd noticed an abrupt change in her over the past two weeks. When I first met her, she was all friendly and seemed to have a good attitude about herself. But over the past couple of weeks, she'd gotten irritable and seemed highly insecure. Like, she started wearing more make-up, to the point where it was noticeable.

In other news, our field trip this weekend was postponed for next weekend, which is inconvenient for me as I have another field trip scheduled for that weekend. I have to go buy groceries now, because I didn't do it yesterday.
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