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New LJ client
Let's see how it works... it looks a little... big. Has a lot of options, though, and it supports winamp 3 in the detect music thingy. Looks like it has a save option, too, so that's good, when I need to post a really long one and I run out of time. Or something.

So, yeah, it's all early in the morning. I don't like the new He-Man cartoon. Or Justice League. Or the new Transformers. Does it seem like Cartoon Network has shunned some of their better shows, in favour of some crap? Like, Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries and Flintstone Kids, and they're not showing Cow & Chicken, or I M Weasel anymore. I tried watching Futurama, but it's like, 95% references, and they're not really funny references. Half of 'em are about some movie I've never seen. I don't really like Home Movies, The Oblongs, or Mission Hill, either. I hated Baby Blues, hopefully they yanked that one. I was disappointed in Ripping Friends, but it's not annoying to me so I'll let that one stay. I like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law, the Brak Show, and Sealab 2021. And of course, I love Space Ghost Coast to Coast. I love Ed, Edd & Eddy, too. I'm really burnt on Powerpuff Girls, and the new eps of Dexter (post- Christine Cavanaugh) are horrible. I don't like Robot Jones, although I love the art style, and I don't really like Kids Next Door, although it isn't really offensive. I don't hate it, just don't like it. I wish Sheep in the Big City was still on Cartoon Cartoon Fridays. I like Grim & Evil, but it seems like they haven't made a new episode in awhile. Richard Horvitz is in that one. I love Courage the Cowardly Dog. Johnny Bravo is pretty funny most of the time, too.

So, I guess what I'd like to see on Cartoon Cartoon Fridays is Courage, Ed Edd & Eddy, Sheep in the Big City, Grim & Evil, Cow & Chicken, and I M Weasel. What I'd like to see on Adult Swim Sunday night is ATHF, Brak Show, Birdman, Sealab, SGC2C, and a John K cartoon, chosen randomly, because then we would have a better chance of seeing the Spumco Yogi episode. It was awesome. I also wish they'd develop the Eltingville cartoon, because that was really great.

I don't like any Klasky/Csupo cartoons except Ahh! Real Monsters. I think I just like that one because Charlie Adler is a genius. It's the only K/C that is really creative and original. Rugrats was OK at first, but 10 years later I'm just kinda burnt on it. Wild Thornberrys is hard to watch because the main characters are hard to look at, they are hideous. I loathe As Told By Ginger and Rocket Power. I heard that Nickelodeon plans on producing two Rugrats spinoffs: an All Growed Up one, like the special, but in serial form; and a show about Angelica and Susie in pre-school. I think those will suck.

I don't really like Butch Hartman's stuff, either. Not because it's unfunny, it's usually amusing. I just don't care about any of his characters. I'm interested to see how this Danny Phantom works out. As far as Fairly Oddparents, it's a great premise, and the art is pleasant, but I really just don't care about any of the main characters, and I think the mean babysitter plotline is not only overdone, but anachronistic. In the 21st century, you have to be certified to babysit, so it doesn't really make sense that there would be these horrible greedy teenagers babysitting anymore. Plus it's overdone, which is a cardinal sin.

Of course I love Spongebob and Invader Zim. That goes without saying. Rumour has it a Spongebob movie is in the works, but I fear that might suck. I'm a little tired of Patchy the Pirate, but at least he introduces some good episodes of Spongebob. Although I have seen some crap episodes, like the one where Patrick and Spongebob are selling candy door to door. That just doesn't make any sense, and thus it is a lame plot device. On Angry Beavers they did a candy selling episode, too. That was also stupid. See, on Invader Zim it made sense, because they are in school (or, skool :) and kids in school have fundraisers. But there's no reason Patrick and Spongebob, or Norb & Dag, should have to sell candy. Lame premise, and I tire of that plotline. There was another episode of Spongebob in which Squidward quit the Krusty Krab and ended up sponging off of Spongebob. Brian made a good observation, saying "Well, that episode was nice and out of character." And he's right, everyone was out of character. It's as if they hired a scab writer who had never seen the show. But overall, Spongebob rules. Invader Zim always rules, and I know it's because the characters are so well developed. Holly and I have discussions on which characters are our favourites, and we don't have the same faves. I don't think one character outshines the rest in that show, which is a little odd seeing as the show is named after a main character. They never have a lame plot on that show, which I'm sure is why it was cancelled.

While Spongebob is great, I really don't like Rocko's Modern Life (Stephen Hillenburg was a part of that show, hence the segue). I don't hate it, but I don't like it to the point of actively not watching it. I was relieved when the Nicktoons schedule moved it to *after* Angry Beavers and put Real Monsters ahead. Rocko's Modern Life turned to the ultimate sin in episode writing: episodes where the characters in the cartoon are involved in making a cartoon. Guess what, network execs, the general populace can't relate to that! You know the writers are tired and burnt out when the plots are about making cartoons or writing television scripts. Ren & Stimpy did that, too. You know that means a show is on it's way out. In general, I like Ren & Stimpy (you have to understand that I missed it first time 'round, for lack of cable, so I'm watching it now for the first time), but some episodes I just turn off. I do recall seeing one episode in the early 90's, when I went to a friend's house, and I remember what episode it was. It was "Ren's Toothache". I remember never having seen something as funny as the disgusting rot that was Ren's teeth. So, I start watching the show now, to catch up on the cartoons of the 90's that I missed, and lo and behold, it's not that funny now. Why? Because LOTS of shows nowadays are showing all kinds of disgusting things that are funny. Cow & Chicken is a great example of that. But I think we can all concede that that type of humor started in the early 90's, with Ren & Stimpy. I'm glad that my daughter gets to see it, because it's a part of animation history.

I liked Hey Arnold for awhile, but for some reason, the 11 minutes seems like 24 on that show. And I'll NEVER understand who or what watched Doug. The art is mediocre, the plots are lame, and the characters are useless. Of course, that describes a lot of shows, but Nickelodeon has more to live up to than your average Hanna-Barbarian. Speaking of H-B, there were some one- or two-shot cartoons made for either What A Cartoon (on Cartoon Network) or Oh Yeah Cartoons (on Nick). Most of these were pure crap. There was a crossover show, that was on both CN and Nick, called Mina and the Count. It was stupid. The worst, by far, though, is one on CN, Yucky Duck. Talk about no character development. There were several shows like this, where they put a bunch of gags together and some chase scenes, and called it a show. If we don't care about the characters, we won't watch the show. The classic chase cartoons still have character development. Within the first 30 seconds of any Tom & Jerry or Roadrunner cartoon, you have an idea of the characters you are watching. There's a reason Bugs Bunny is one of the greatest cartoon characters of all time, and it's not the chase scenes.

I think pacing is also really important. There's a pace in between Yucky Duck and Ren & Stimpy that is absolutely perfect (ref Looney Tunes for perfection). I don't think Ripping Friends could ever get as big as Ren & Stimpy, because the pacing *is* poor, and it's not the first time we've seen it.

Let me backtrack a little and talk about Robot Jones some more. I absolutely LOVE the art style, reminiscent of Schoolhouse Rock. And there's a song seen in one episode, called "The Nudist and Mr. Pendleton", about a nudist and his dog, who tries to get the guy to wear clothes. A line from the song: "But they both know there's something wrong, 'cause one of them's a naked man..." It's a brilliant song, and the video has that brilliant animation style, but it's wasted on a show that's predictable and slow-witted. I think it's the show I'm most disappointed in. I think the CN-watching crowd would have been OK with an Invader Zim type ripoff, where the robot was there to take over the humans, rather than "learn what junior high is about". I get the feeling the creators hate their villains, too, and I think it's really important to love all your characters in order to make them funny and interesting. Dragonball and Dragonball Z are great examples of how one can make each and every antagonist interesting (although the animation is entirely sub-par, even by H-B standards).

The show I really miss the most is I Am Weasel. I wish Michael Dorn would do more cartoon voices. It was kinda like Angry Beavers, except that Weasel really *is* all that, whereas Norb just *thinks* he is. I guess I like that kind of character interaction. Although I must say, I just don't get Catdog, and I think they meant to have a similar dynamic there.

(Oh, I don't really need to mention Angry Beavers here, do I?)

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