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El Grapadura y el castor malo - Are we not men?
El Grapadura y el castor malo
We got our Invader Zim t-shirts! We're cooler now.

Holly is lounging with her feet up playing gameboy advance. She looks like a small Val!

In other news, I was going to get a dog, but I got a cat instead. Yeah! He's black and white and he has longish fur, but not persian long. His shelter name was Andy, but since he's kinda young I figure we can change it to something we like better. I was thinking Gary, like Spongebob's snail. Holly prefers Gir. I guess we'll just see how he acts once he's acclimated. So far, he's been running around the house doing cat things, or napping under Holly's bed. Then he comes out and gets all lovey-dovey. Holly started playing videogames and he was all up in her face! He's cool.

I'm all : curious curious
Jammin' with : BET Jazz channel
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