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Falafel Crust - Are we not men?
Falafel Crust
There's this shopping center at Frankford & Hillcrest, and it's called Frankford Crest. This fact is emblazoned upon the masonry with large handwritten plastic letters. But they're messy letters, so every time I pass by I think it says Falafel Crust.

I don't think I've ever had a falafel. I want one. And baklava.

Speaking of good things to eat, Campisis has the best bell peppers for pizza. They chop them into bite-size bits, unlike Pizza Hut who just cuts them into slivers. I don't like when vegetables come out of my food to hit me on the chin. In a related story, I like those Morningstar veggie pizzas, with the veggie-sausage and other toppings. I think it's veggie sausage, bell peppers, and mushrooms. So, you know how frozen pizza is, some stuff falls off. So I let the hepcat have it, and he likes bell peppers! He also likes BBQ flavour potato chips. I always find it amusing when a carnivore has a taste for stuff like that. My mom's cat loves canteloupe.

So, I made some dirty rice (from a mix) and I used veggie sausage in it. The cat was all keen on it, until he tasted it. I guess he doesn't like spicy cajun food.

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