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A PEANUT!! - Are we not men?
I tell you what - if I could say lines like Conspiracy Brother, and not make myself laugh, I would. I'm going to try it whenever we go on our field trip Saturday.

"Did you know George Washington Carver made the first computer out of a peanut? (beat) A PEANUT!!"

Meanwhile, my cat is nutso for donuts. He won't leave me alone if I was eating one, and he kept trying to get into the donut box when I wasn't looking! He's crazy insane for donuts. CRAZY INSANE! I finally gave him one. His eyes are bigger than his stomach.

Speaking of crazy insane, you can pre-order Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire now! (In the US) I'm just glad it's coming out *after* my midterms.

I'm trying to teach my cat to meow in response to me saying "Say it loud!"


I'm all : funkadelic
Jammin' with : Undercover Brother (DVD)
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