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Cations are positively charged ions; anions are negatively charged ions - Are we not men?
Cations are positively charged ions; anions are negatively charged ions
I had a field trip today, and it was awesome! We got samples of water going into and out of Lake Texoma. So, me and my two cohorts were travelling around the lake in my car, stopping when we saw streams that feed the lake. Our conversation ranged from world politics to religion to bukkake to celebrity crushes to animal husbandry. It was a really odd set.

So here's what we did. We had a gallon jug on a pole, and we acquired a quantity of water from the stream in question. We had these special thingys that measure pH, temp, salinity, dissolved oxygen, and specific conductivity. We recorded that, and then we took some of the water and passed it through a filter (4.5 microns, iirc, but it might be 0.45 microns) to remove the colloids (floaters) and put that into a sample bottle. Then, we put some unfiltered water into two other sample bottles, so we can measure cations and anions including colloids. Then, we took some water and put it into an empty soda bottle, and added some BaCl (Barium Chloride) to it, and this will end up attaching to the sulfate in the water and precipitating (getting all clumpy and falling to the bottom as a solid). So, with the samples, we're going to do some ICPMS (Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer, iirc) to discover exactly what cations are in there, and it could be anything! Then we're going to do some ICPOES (I forget what it stands for) to discover what anions are in there. The difference between the filtered cations and the unfiltered cations will tell us approximately what is being transported as suspended sediments, and what comes out in the filtered is what is actually dissolved in the water. Technically, this isn't exactly accurate, as there could in fact be suspended particles smaller than 4.5 microns, but it's an industry standard.

I'll tell you what I hope to find, I hope to find chromium and manganese. Those are my favourite elements. Well, molybdenum is also cool. It's in a shiny mineral called Molybdenite that writes on paper like graphite, but is more of a silvery-bluish streak than the black graphite writing.

We found the water coming *out* of the lake to have higher salinity than the water going into the lake. So, where are these salts coming from? I have two theories: 1.) all the guys are peeing in the lake when they are in their boats; b.) people are dropping snacks into the lake. Those theories are all well and good, but since it rained quite a bit in the days and hours preceding the trip, it's probably that the Red River was a bit diluted. Shame, because I'd really like to prove that snacks are in the lake. (I'd just as soon not know how many guys pee in it, as some of my drinking water is pulled from that lake.)

Now, hear this. I downloaded some Dangermouse eps. And they have a Boomerang logo in the upper right corner. And that's all well and good, but there are some things wrong with these episodes. First off, the opening credits are different. The opening cartoon sequence isn't the same, and the music is slightly altered. It's also shorter, and missing the initial trumpet fanfare (although this could be a result of someone recording off of tv). Doesn't explain the odd opening credits. The end credits are slightly different, too. But the most confusing thing is the voice of Stiletto, Baron Greenback's henchman, is completely different. I do have one ep that is exactly as I remember it, so I know it's not just a case of hazy memory. If I can get some decent sound clip examples, I'll post 'em and show you what I mean.

Look at my "current music". This song is great! She has such a cool groovy sound. Check it out if you dig R&B. (I almost typed RGB)

I'm all : mellow mellow
Jammin' with : Erykah Badu - Cleva (3:45)
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