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A funny story Dr. Carter told us - Are we not men?
A funny story Dr. Carter told us
He said he was taking some students to the green sand beaches in Hawaii, and these particular beaches are quite far from civilization and require a bit of a hike to reach. So, they show up, and as they crest a dune by the sea, they spy a couple nude sunbathing! Well, the nudists spied the class as well, and they took off into the sea to hide their nudity. They found a cave up the beach to hide in, and Dr. Carter said that he kept his students there in that area a little longer than he had originally intended, just to make the lovers nervous.

Another professor of mine, Mohammed, he told a story about going out on a research vessel in the sea. He said they were getting a bit bored with the regular work, so they entertained themselves by lowering styrofoam objects into the drink, just to make them tiny!

I'm all : amused amused
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