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My kid is the coolest - Are we not men?
My kid is the coolest
She said "Whenever Jessica says 'You're crazy!' I look at her and say 'Yup!'" She says there's another girl in her dance class that calls her crazy, and she replies "I SURE am!"

So, we go on this field trip today. Here are some of my moments:

professor: blah blah blah, [requests answer]
me: I stepped in dookie...

me: It originally said 'I peed.'
[the rest of the class just heard "I peed."]

The crowning moment of the trip was when we discovered the hard way that the property had changed owners, and that we did not have permission from the current owner to be there. On top of that, we were on this road that by all means should have trapped the van. I was riding with another girl who has a 4x4, so we were all fine. The van didn't get stuck, but seriously, it SHOULD have. It got stuck last week in MUCH less mud.

So, field trip cut short, and none of us cried. It was getting boring.

Jammin' with : Invader Zim - Future Dib
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