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Fetch - Are we not men?
The hepcat fetches. As long as you're throwing something he wants. He likes to attack my face. At first I thought it was because of my glasses, because he likes to take them off my face, but then, I took 'em off, and he just went for my eyes and ears. Then, I went to scoop his litterbox, and he got all mad, so he got in, and laid down in it.

I forgot to mention this the other day, but I pre-ordered Pokemon Ruby AND Sapphire AND a new Gameboy Advance SP.

I feel like I need to start patronizing some local diner. That way, when the aliens come, I'll have somewhere to run to screaming.

So, we went to the lab today and did some unethical Twinkie experiments. Sure enough, your body actually does digest Twinkies. But that thing about the long shelf life -- we looked at the expiration date on the Twinkies, and you know, on milk it says like 04-11-03 or something. The Twinkies just said March 25. I don't know if that means March 25 every year, or March 25 any year. I suspect it's a March 25 so far into the future that they anticipate we will no longer be using the Roman calendar.

I'm all : quixotic quixotic
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