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I'm cultured, like a pearl - Are we not men?
I'm cultured, like a pearl
Probably more like cheese.

Went to the symphony tonight, and boy did we have great seats! I'd be tempted to go more often if I could score seats like that every time. They didn't play crap, either. But I still felt like it needed a visual element. Like, an interpretive dancer. What was really weird is after the intermission, the chick sitting next to me REEKED of bourbon. I know it was bourbon because that's what my grandmother used to drink, and that's what she smelt like. The percussionist had outrageously long hair, tied in a man-ponytail at the back of his head, and it looked like a mullet.

Did you know I used to play the viola? Yeah, and Brian said if I could still play the viola, I'd get work, because there aren't many viola players. But I don't have a viola. All I have is a spooty trumpet that sounds like dookie. I don't even know why the trumpet is revered over the cornet. The cornet sounds so much nicer.

Anyway, my cat is as annoying or more than a dog with regard to his Fetch needs. He clambors on me with his claws and attacks my hands and feet until I throw the toy. I can't even do that fake-out thing like people do with dogs, because he's hep to the jive.

I'm all : full full
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