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::Yawn:: - Are we not men?
I have to stay here for another 45 minutes. Full minutes, too. I can't sneak out at 3:24 or something. None of my apps work, my computer is stalling out, and it keeps leaving "things" running in the background.

I wish I was going to Dragoncon. I was trying to think of a way to get there, when I realized I'll be moving that week, and what are the odds. Plus even if I got there, they probably wouldn't let me play any games. I told Sean if I went I was going to follow him around with a camcorder and Dwip, and I might do that at some other con someday! I get to buy toys and/or CDs tonight, depending on what I find, so it's not a bad day. I'm just tired and I can't leave yet.

I'm all : bored bored
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