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Acting! - Are we not men?
More like, ad-libbing. We went and helped one of Brian's friends make a DVD today. And, since I doubt any of you will be buying a trumpet instructional video, I'll tell you what we did.

Our parts were for the outtakes. The setup was Bert was auditioning people to perform on the video. Brian did some good stuff but that's for his journal entry. Holly had probably the cutest part in the show -- she showed up with her Sousaphone (those giant tubas they use in marching bands). Since she's only about half the size of a sousaphone, she was sitting on the floor with it. She actually played really well, for not being a musician yet (she's only 7) and for not having ever played a tuba before. So, she played some notes, then Bert (as the director) said "NEXT", and then Holly pretended to cry!

My part, originally I planned on just making some really horrible trumpet sounds, but I ended up pretending to play some jazz licks, but horribly. But I was acting like I was God's gift to trumpeting while I was playing horribly, so it looks really funny.

Holly sounded so good on the tuba that I might just encourage her to play it when she gets to band age. I'm going to have to purchase Bert's DVD, too, because we're in it.
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