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I did somethin funny! - Are we not men?
I did somethin funny!
OK, in class, obviously we had a midterm. I did OK. But after the test, the professor lectured a bit. He took out some rocks, picked one up, and said "This is a rock - " and I put my hands in the international sign language for "worship the goat!" and yelled "ROOOOOCK!!!!!"
All the cool people laughed.

I just tried to take an online quiz that Ang took, but the cultural differences are too vast. The quiz was What month should you have been born in?. The biggest issue I had was the word "homely". The author of the quiz used it to mean what I would think homebody, or homemaker-type. I've always heard it (when used to describe a person) to mean plain or unattractive.

Also, once I realized it was British in nature, I realized that the concept of months would be completely different, because we have completely different holidays and different feelings associated with months. So, although I got November, I don't think it was accurate.
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Date: March 18th, 2003 - 07:04 am
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