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Ang's Party - Are we not men?
Ang's Party
Heh, it was just a dream

We were all at Ang's house for a tiki-type backyard party. You know, where the backyard is all decorated with tiki torches and all kinds of ... island food is served. So, we're partying and stuff, and then I go to get more supplies and I come back with olive loaf and spam, and I just chow down on it. Like, I took the whole chunk of Spam from the can, and just bit into it. Someone asked me "So, yer off veggies, eh?" and I was like "Yeah - I got to have the meat." So then, the party is winding down, and I invite people over to my hotel room or something to watch movies. And Adam West showed up with his friend, and he was an ass. We were trying to watch the Muppet Movie, but I kept falling asleep and having to rewind back to the Steve Martin part. Adam West kept doggin Steve Martin, like he hated him. So it was especially hard to watch the movie. Then, he wouldn't leave. And he changed out the DVD while I wasn't lookin. I got real mad, and kept trying to get him to leave. So I had to make some excuse about how I was going to my parents' house to return the DVD, and he was still like "We'll just stay here." but I finally got him out. We took him back to Ang's house and told him to help clean up. So, I went to my dad's, and I was trying to get a DVD out of the DVD player at his house, but I kept screwing it up because he has really complex videostuff.

I hope Ang enjoyed throwing us a dream-party.
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