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Weird Dream - Are we not men?
Weird Dream

Brian and I were at some kind of benefit for crazy people, and some of the asylum folk were at the concert, and this one guy who never said anything and didn't respond to people latched on to us and started following us around. He was really mellow, and he knew he couldn't follow us to our cars, but Brian wanted to leave him with something to remember us by, so he started singing this song about the Egyptian gods. But when he got to Ra, he yelled it like RAAAAA!!!!! like he was a monster, right in that guy's face, and the guy smiled, even tho he didn't really respond to stimuli. So, that was kinda cool, and hilariously funny RAAAAA!!!!
So then, we were driving out to some steak place out in the middle of nowhere, to meet up with some people. We had to turn down this unpaved road and drive quite a while to get there. It was some kind of dude ranch resort type thing, and we had to park outside the fence and then crawl under this thing to get in, so the chickens wouldn't get out. It turned out to be so cool and so much fun, we told my parents about it.
So, later, my sister and I are going back there with my parents and several other people, including some of our friends. So, we the kids are running around the place (we weren't kids, we were the ages we are now, but we're younger than my parents' crowd) and we met some of the staff. Turns out, this little dude ranch thing was actually the control center for a fleet of giant mecha warrior type things. And half the staff was mech pilots. One of the staff was my ex-boyfriend, Gary, who sent me a note. I forgot what it said, or I didn't read it.
Anyway, my sister and I find out that there are two factions of mech warriors, one that want to take over the world, and one that want to protect it. And if this certain trans-dimensional gate is opened, the ones that want to take over the world will come out of their exile to wreak havoc on all we hold dear. But then, there *are* the ones who are still protecting the earth, and they have been training for just such an emergency. In the hotel thingy, there are two factions: one that believes that they should release the exiles and have the final showdown now (ultimate showdown now?) and one that believes it would just cause mass destruction. We found all this out because we went out to the gazebo to have a smoke. So, we go back inside, where our parents are eating dinner with some other folk, and there are two notes for me, one from Gary and one from the leader of one of the factions. I ignored the one from Gary. My mom was like "You should read it!" and I said "Nahh, he hates cats."
There was going to be a meeting between the two factions. One of the factions was being run by people I like, and the other was being run by people I didn't like, but I don't recall which side I was on. Lainie had fallen in with the crowd I didn't like, so we were on opposite sides of the issue and arguing stuff. So, we all went to this control room place with one of those huge conference tables like in peace talks, but I got bored with what they were saying and started poking around the control center.
I hope I was on the side of "Let's just get the battle over with now," because there was this big red button marked DO NOT PUSH... so guess what I did? Yep. And out come all the baddies. My sister got all mad, she was like "Now all these people here are gonna get killed!" but the battle was over relatively quickly, and with no collateral damage. So I replied "Eh, it all worked out." She got all mad.

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