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I grow weary of the word 'meme' - Are we not men?
I grow weary of the word 'meme'
I'm changing the questions to something useful when my answer is "I dunno" or "Nothin". So, read carefully!

The A-Z Survey
A - Act your age?
Don't tell me what to do!

B - Bigfoot?

C - Chore you hate?
I hate 'em all. My house looks like shiznoz.

D - Dad's name?

E - Essential monkey?

F - Favorite actor?
Will Patton, although I hear he's in a prime-time show nowadays that I don't watch. (I should say Sean here, shouldn't I?) Yeah, also Sean Schemmel.

G - Gold or silver?
That reminds me of this song I learned in Vacation Bible School. It starts out "Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give... somthin somthin... I forget.

H - Hometown?
We moved around a lot. Big Springs, TX; Yokota, Japan; Omaha, NE...

I - Instruments you play?
Cornet, keyboards

J - Job title?

K - Kids?
One (duh)

L - Living arrangements?
An apartment behind the dollar movie theater

M - Mother's name?

N - Number of bizarre infatuations with fictional characters?
Lemme count: 1, 2, 3, 4... and that's just Star Trek alone... 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12... er... a lot.

O - Overnight hospital stays?
Once I had some kind of bizarre stomach thingy when I was like, 7. Then, I jumped off a really high cliff and jammed my hip when I was like, 8 (but I won the contest.. go me!) then of course the baby, then ... no, I think that's it.

P - Phobia?
Ryan said it'd be unhealthy not to have a phobia. I think he meant fear. Phobias are those irrational fears that cause us to either inconvenience or hurt ourselves. I have a phobia of airplanes, which causes me to take a LOT longer than other people to get to far away places.

Q - Quote you like?
That one by Mark Twain about the difference between a good word and the right word being akin to the difference between a lightning bug and lightning. I forget the exact quote. There's also this:
what ordinary people do and what they find happiness in - I don't know whether such happiness is in the end really happiness or not. I look at what ordinary people find happiness in, what they all make a mad dash for, racing around as though they couldn't stop - they all say they're happy with it. I'm not happy with it and I'm not unhappy with it. In the end is there really happiness or isn't there?
-- Zhuangzi

R - Religious affiliation?
I'm not very religious. Not to say I don' thave a belief system, I just don't, you know, go to church and stuff.

S - Siblings?

T - Time you wake up?
When I'm done sleepin.

U - Uranus or Neptune?
Uranus, duh!

V - Vegetable you refuse to eat?
Zucchini. And I can taste it, even in casseroles. I abhor zucchini.

W- Worst habit?
I have a tendency to not do stuff that I don't want to do.

X - X-rays you've had?
Every time I go to the dentist; once on my toe and once on my finger and ... probably some others.

Y - Yummy food you make?
I... uhh.... the kitchen is a place to keep a coffeemaker.

Z - Zodiac Sign?

The album survey
First album bought:
Either Michael Jackson 'Off the Wall', or Rupert Holmes 'Partners in Crime'. Sometime about 1978.

And do you still listen to it?:
I don't own a record player, and I don't really like that kind of stuff anymore. Although if I found a clean copy of Rupert Holmes' "Lunch Hour" I might download it.

Last album bought:
BB King truck-stop album

Favourite album:
I have an Aiko CD that has Astral Box and Girlie on the one CD, so that will have to count.

Worst album:
I bought a Blow Monkeys CD eons ago that I think I still have somewhere.

Most memories attached:
Reservoir Dogs soundtrack. That's what I was listening to when I got divorced.

Comedy value:
Somewhere in the recesses of my album collection is Great White North by Bob & Doug McKenzie.

Seems the most out of place in your collection:
My collection is pretty eclectic, so nothing really seems out of place.

Most looking forward to:
I'm sure Aiko will have a new album out shortly.

One that you'd recommend to people:
I don't know, depends on the other person's taste really. I'm always willing to reccommend an Aiko album, though.

First gig you went to:
With parents? Kenny Loggins, 1979. Alone? Depeche Mode, 1986

Last gig you went to:
Hrm... I guess it was the Rolling Stones, prior to getting divorced. 1998?

Next gig you're going to go to:
Something local and bluesy/jazzy.

Best gig you've been to:
Collective Soul are really really great in concert. Rush is good, and Genesis was good, but as far as pure showmanship and presentation, I'm going to have to say Chuck Mangione in about 1988 or so. No pyrotechnics, no dance numbers, just great showmanship and presentation. I was blown away.

Worst gig:
Some lame-ass band called Candlebox opened for Rush one of the times I saw 'em. Boy did they suck some serious ass. Also, the same concert that Collective Soul was at, Jewel was also at. She sucked some serious ass, too. I hate to admit that I saw Expose (anyone remember them?) when they opened for Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam. That was absolutely vile, even by 80s standards.

Most memorable gig:
Well, I'll never forget the Chuck Mangione concert. It was the Children of Sanchez tour. But then, I'll never forget the dope-smokin jokes we made at the Chicago concert, or that whoever I was with at the Manhattan Transfer concert made me leave early. Or the first Blind Melon concert I saw, because I went with a new boyfriend. But then, that Slayer/AliceInChains/Anthrax/Megadeth concert was pretty funny for the fires they lit in the mosh pits. And there was the time I got to shake Winton Marsalis's hand, even tho he hated white people, and the Morris Day concert was my last concert in Lubbock. Tina Turner put on a really good show, as I mentioned before did Collective Soul. I could never forget the Depeche Mode concert, because that blonde guy Martin whatever threw a rose, and I caught it. The Stones was I think my last concert with Scott. Eric Clapton's Blues tour was totally tha bomb, and the stupid non-blues-lovin yuppies were bitching about it afterwards. Plebians! At the first Rush concert I went to, Primus opened. They were cool. At the Genesis concert, I had to sit separate from my friends because I bought my tickets late. Dave Matthews is really good in concert, but his albums aren't all that. I went to some blues fest type concert, but I forgot who all was playing now. I've seen Chuck Mangione, Take 6, Blind Melon, Dave Matthews Band, Rush, and Maynard Ferguson more than once. Local guys, like that guy who used to play with Blood Sweat & Tears, seen him lots of times. I know I saw Faith No More, but I don't recall the concert at all. Man my head really hurt after that Megadeth concert. That's probably the MOST memorable, just because it was so out-of-character for me, and I headbanged all night.

Sadly missed:
Well, #1 would be Led Zeppelin, of course. I would have liked to have seen Sublime, too. I think I saw most of the other ill-fated bands that will never play another concert. I think Bob Schneider played locally recently, but I couldn't go. Or it's soon, and I can't go.

Always a pleasure:
Rush, Take 6, Eric Clapton

Best venue:
I really like small venues like Caravan of Dreams in Ft. Worth. Otherwise, I have no idea.

Worst venue:
Lubbock County Coliseum. But Starplex, I hate worse. I refuse to go there anymore.

Like to see (and haven't seen already):
I'll never see Aiko, which is really sad. I think she's the only performer I would go all Beatles fan on and cry or faint. I'd definitely cry. I'd like to catch Bob Schneider at some point. I wish he wouldn't play Deep Ellum, it's so creepy trendy there. I like to go to blues concerts, so just about any blues performer that really knows how to blues, not like these white-boy guitar players that just know how to guitar.

Jammin' with : Thomas Dolby - Hyperactive (4:13)
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