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The Neanderthals Invented Disco - Are we not men?
The Neanderthals Invented Disco
This is our overnight trip weekend in Structural Geology. Woot. We're going to camp out in some remote Oklahoma location and traipse all over the rocks. I don't really know how to cook out on a fire, so I'm not sure what to take. I don't know anything aside from pasta that doesn't have at least ONE ingredient requiring refrigeration. I guess peanut butter on bread, or Easy Cheese on crackers... I just don't know enough cooking.
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This place is filthy.
Date: April 12th, 2003 - 01:52 am
(a) for other supplemental type foods (like pasta), there's also rice and bread.

(b) there's other ways to preserve foods, like salting and sealing (though proper vacuum sealing requires equipment)

(c) canned foods, like chili or refried beans.

So, with all that, you could make (for instance) burritos there.
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