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How Cool Is The Hepcat - Are we not men?
How Cool Is The Hepcat

First off, I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but he's either pupating or gestating -- he made a nest. I'm intrigued by how cool he is. He licks his own fur clean, and makes it shiny and silky. I have to buy shampoo to do that! He was just sleeping like an old guy on a park bench, with his arms folded and his head on his chest. Then, he had dreams! His little kitten feet were moving and his tail was twitching. Perhaps he's dreaming of the day when he will emerge from his cocoon and become a beautiful butterfly.
He woke up, and yawned, and showed his bitey teeth - teeth of a killing machine! Then he stretched like no human could ever stretch. I think if you measured him unstretched and then measured him stretched, there would be at least a 50% increase in cat length.
He has his favourite music, too. He likes classical and anything 'smoove'. He especially likes Norah Jones.
He says things. Kitten things. He makes this sound a lot: "Myaaah!" and intersperses that half-purr half-mrowr thing that cats do. Sometimes he yells at me to get my attention and he goes "MYAAAAAHH!!!!"
I think he has had attack dog training. Sometimes, he pounces my left arm and starts biting my hand furiously, but without digging his claws in. His pounces are so intense that he actually makes a THWAP sound when he connects. I haven't figured out what causes this behaviour; it seems to be linked with nothing more than play. Sometimes he fetches his toy, but sometimes he does not. I don't know how to tell if he wants me to throw it or not. I think he's going through cat puberty. One minute he thinks I'm the greatest thing since canned tuna, the next he thinks I killed his father. Right now he's sitting in the window wishing he could eat birds. Then he fell asleep and lost his balance a bit and fell out of the sill! It was funny.

I should do stuff now.

I'm all : perplexed
Jammin' with : Bartok - Concerto for Viola and Orchestra, III (3:26)
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