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Church Is Funny - Are we not men?
Church Is Funny
So, I went to church tonight, because it's Good Friday you know. And it was one of those somber-type liturgical services, because Jesus died, right? So, when people first come in to the sanctuary, they're supposed to sit and meditate silently. But it would have been really funny if I'd walked in and announced loudly "GEEZ, IT'S LIKE SOMEBODY DIED IN HERE!"

During the service, the pastor said "naked".

At the end of these Good Friday services, they make it all dark in the sanctuary and then there's a LOUD NOISE like a book slamming to symbolize the time at which Jesus gave up the ghost. So, when the book slammed, this baby in the back row said "OH!!" really loudly, as if she just realized the significance of the service. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing out loud.
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