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Boy did I have a weird nap-dream! - Are we not men?
Boy did I have a weird nap-dream!
I took a nap this evening, and this was my dream:

I was going to church with my parents, and when I got there, they had saved me a seat and put 2 blank checks in it for me!
CUT TO: the following Sunday. I show up at church, and my parents have saved me a seat again, and they've given me THREE blank checks which are sitting in my seat! W00t! I look and realize that it's still like 15 minutes until service time, so I go to look through the church.
I end up finding a secret room with all this information about chaos theory. And a lot of the information was based on poor equations, so I mentioned this to some guy who came into that room. So we had a discussion about mathematical concepts for a few minutes, then a class came in, and I told them all about the stuff I had been discussing with that guy. After class, I leave, and realize I've missed church, but my dad totally understands why I did. There was going to be a bible study, but it wasn't going to start for about 30 minutes, so I figure I'd go get donuts. I go to get the donuts, but then I go back to the *wrong* church, but I didn't notice until I had already gotten out of my car and started walking into the church. When I realized, I tried to hurry back to my car to get back to the other church in time, but I couldn't find my car! Then I noticed that the church had a huge campus, so maybe I'd parked on another lot and just forgotten. So I went to look for my car, and it wasn't there! It wasn't anywhere!
Then I was time-transported to some college campus. At first I didn't know I had time-travelled, so when some girl I knew flagged me down all mad asking why I hadn't returned her calls, I asked what number she was calling and it wasn't my number. I gave her my number, and then I went back to try to figure out where my car could have been. I realized that I was in the past when I saw these weird tv screens all over, broadcasting live images of people all over campus. I knew that was in the past, so I looked at the clock and tried to get over to the courtyard in time.
In time for what? In time for the Cadence! What cadence? Some cadence that me and the girls used to do through the courtyard at exactly whatever time it was. I got there just in time to see them finish it, and I said "Wow! Right on time, like always!"
By this point, I was invisible to everyone because I was from the future. But at least it explained why my car was missing.
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