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Cain't Slizzy - Are we not men?
Cain't Slizzy
But, I finally got the whole new Aiko maxi-single! Go me!

First, I do not know if my translation of the name of the 2nd song is right. There's many ways to say rain and many ways to say day. Let's just acknowledge that the song is Rainy Day.
The good thing about these new offerings is that they go back to that garage band sound that made her popular to begin with. Similar instrumentation as on her first couple of indie albums.
What's missing is the raw energy of her indie days. I remember reading a review of the maxi-single Boyfriend when it was new, and the reviewer said something similar about that. Of course, I didn't hear it, because that was the song that inspired me to sample other Aiko music. I still think that cd has a driving energy behind it that I just do not hear in Western artists. But this latest CD has me agreeing with that assessment. She just doesn't have the intensity and depth of emotion heard in prior CDs. I know it's because it's overproduced. On stage these 3 tracks would be phenomenal. Or, if she just let loose and did one take in the studio.
The first track, Chouchou Musubi, sounds a lot like the Astral Box album. Surprisingly, there are no slow-dance tunes on this album. I don't know if you could fast-dance to track 2, but it is rather intense. Or, it would be, if it was performed live.
That brings up something in my mind. She keeps making remakes of some of her older indie tunes for current consumption. They are not as good as the originals, especially Rosy, which just deteriorated into something mediocre when it was redone. The worst, I think, was Ai Ai Gasa remake on Aki Soba Ni Iruyo. She took a delicate melody with exquisite instrumentation and turned it into Ren'ai Junkie. The original song conjured images of crying in the rain. The remake conjures images of running late on a Monday morning.

Feh, I forgot to finish this and/or post it this morning. I'm home now! Yay me! And I have new Aiko :)

Jammin' with : aiko - Boushi to mizugi to suiheisen (4:24)
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