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Reading old journal entries - Are we not men?
Reading old journal entries
I just read this old LJ entry, which ends with the phrase "I guess by then I'll be desperate for a man." That was referring to a couple of months past the date of the post. Well, here it is, 2 years later and I'm still not desperate for a man. Go me!

I had some very funny moments. I decided to download my entire LJ so I could keep it for posterity. Well, no, actually I was looking for a certain Laozi quote I thought was in my LJ, but then I realized that it might not be a Laozi quote or a Chuangtse quote. And then I found it.
My mind is like the autumn moon
Shining clean and clear in the green pool.
No, that's not a good comparison.
Tell me, how shall I explain?

- Han Shan

The point of this verse is easy enough to grasp: "Animals might pee where I swim."

So, knowing that, I surfed over to a LJ community. I did not find what I liked. So I found another community, which I liked. I thought about posting a reply to something in the one I didn't like, but then I remembered this:
'...He may be described as unaffected by the (small lessons of) virtue brought to bear on him from day to day; and how much less will he be so by your great lessons? He will be obstinate, and refuse to be converted. He may outwardly agree with you, but inwardly there will be no self-condemnation;-- how can you (go to him in this way and be successful)?'
-- from a tale by Chuangtse "Book IV - Zan Kien Shih"

I was reading that this morning. I'm going to post another entry, because I can.

I'm all : ditzy ditzy
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