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It's true. - Are we not men?
It's true.
The story in the_hepcat's LJ about his toy. I was as surprised as he was.

So, I want to watch an old movie, so I looked at the guide. Channel 100 has The Paper Brigade on, channel 101 has The Glory Brigade on, and channel 102 has The Devil's Brigade on. What is it, brigade hour? The only channel that has a movie I really wanna watch is one I don't get.

So, I went to IMDB, and looked at the Bottom 100 list, as voted on by users. I don't think it's as telling as a Bottom 100 as chosen by people who have to see all the movies. Plus, people vote on a movie based on how *they* like it, rather than on how suitable it is for the intended audience. Plus, in order for a movie to get on the list, it has to have a significant number of votes.

Shark Attack 2 was not on the list, but Porky's Revenge was. There is no way Shark Attack 2 is better than Porky's Revenge.

Speaking of reviews, I reviewed Aiko's latest effort on YesAsia.com.

I also reviewed Shark Attack 2, but my review isn't up yet. I'm going to review more stuff.
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