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So THAT'S why they call it Google - Are we not men?
So THAT'S why they call it Google
I was doing a google search on an old 50's or 60's song by Paul Evans, and I was surprised to see this as the sponsored link:

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your sex life. Great summer read!

In other news, remember in high school, those jock types that were flirty with *every* girl, either because they were just nice guys or because they wanted to be adored by many? I found out what happens when they get older. Say, late 40s early 50s. They still think they're being politely flirty, but it ends up coming off as "invading my personal space". A guy I work with is like that. And when I ask him a question, he has to look at my monitor so that he can see what I'm doing, even though nothing he sees could possibly give him any insight into the answer to my question. Sometimes it's just a screen full of numbers. I keep having to move away when he gets too close. Maybe he's an obsessive clean freak, and is getting close to smell and see if I've bathed.

Incidentally, it's Tom Kenny's hairy back in the shower scene in that one Spongebob episode, "Suds".

I'm all : blank blank
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