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Could it be a new Guilty Pleasure? - Are we not men?
Could it be a new Guilty Pleasure?
I decided to go through Comics.com, to see what all these comics were that I'd never heard of. Most of them were lame. So lame that I think that I could probably become a cartoonist and get a pretty strong foothold.

But I did find this little gem. It reads more like a manga than a comic, but it's amusing and witty and fanciful. It's not observational comedy, and for some reason that seems rare in dailies. You probably think it sucks, and that's OK, because I know it's not for everyone. It's drawn really well, even when it's not in color. That is also rare in current dailies. Even Dilbert, the apex of daily comics today, isn't necessarily drawn well. (Don't get me wrong, Scott Adams is a genius. He draws exactly what is needed for the gag to work, and that takes talent.)

Oh, yeah, in case you don't feel like clicking on that link, it's called Pibgorn, and it's very very weird. I like it.

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