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Animated Character Crush Mode: Activated

You1 fear it. You can't comprehend it. You don't even really want to know.

Yet, here you are, still reading. You ask yourself, is it morbid curiosity? Masochism? Just plain boredom? You feel a combination of pity and amusement as you click on the cut-tag below...

About 4 or 5 years, to be exact. I guess I was busy with others, but now that Pokemon is on Cartoon Network, every single night, I'm finally ready to admit a huge crush on James from Team Rocket. My nightly Pokemon dreams probably have something to do with it as well.
Yeah, I know he's not as studly as my other animated crushes, but at least he's still considered a "villain". Plus, he's a dork. Dork villains are my favorites.
And that brings up another question. Why is Koffing smiling, but Weezing is pouting? I kinda miss Koffing.

1: Excluding Kym, who gets me :)
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