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IT TOOK ME 30 MINUTES TO POTTY!! - Are we not men?
In other news, I left work early today, met up with valamelmeo, and went to meet lobotomymonkey at the airport. He was here on a two-hour layover. The DFW airport sucks ass, because you can't get into the gate area without a boarding pass, and all the restaurants/shops/bars are in the gate area. So, we just stood around in the airport chatting until they had to get ready for their connecting flight. It was very cool, though, because I'd never met him in person. Talita is very cool, too.
After the airport, Kym and I went to Razzoo's and then we went to Half-Price Books. We each got a book by this author who writes novels about the Roman empire. I also got the Dreaded Romance Novel. I shall read it and report back to my loyal public, so that you do not have to read one (unless you like that sort of thing).
Kym also got the soundtrack to my ex-husband's favorite movie. I had to laugh, because it's just such a teenage girl's movie, but Scott just loves it!

Anyway, I had a brilliant day, and now I'm home with some videos and some books :)

I'm all : content content
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