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It's Vomit. - Are we not men?
It's Vomit.
Is this a romance novel, or is this a drama or somesuch novel or something? It's Danielle Steel, who is supposed to be the best. It looks like romance novel. It has romance in it, and some plot, and lame-ass characters that I have absolutely no sympathy for. It's epic. Pages 1-75 or so take the "main characters" from 1943 to 1958 or something. GI meets girl in Paris, marries, becomes successful, has affairs, kills wife.

It's vomit. I was going to try to read the whole thing in one go, so as to lessen the torture. That ain't gonna happen. It's pure vomit.

Vomit. I want to spit for having read this far. I'm making the "sour Starburst" face just thinking about it. I think perhaps I should have tried an ethereal gown type novel instead. Vomit vomit vomit. There's only one word that can describe it: vomit.

I'm all : sick sick
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