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Independance Day - Are we not men?
Independance Day
I went and got my sister and we went to Blockbuster, where she rented The Guru and FearDotCom. I rented Fangs. Then we went to Movie Trading Company, and I finally found a decent pre-viewed copy of Pokemon 4-Ever to buy! Woohoo! I own it now!
Fangs is a really fun movie! Yes, it's B, but the actors are great, the plot is good, and the dialogue was fun! Even the little romance was fun! It was a fun b-movie, I recommend it!

I played in the band concert tonight at the park (4th of July festivities), and I did not do so well. I missed some notes because I was not paying attention to the key changes. We didn't get to play Washington Post, which is my favorite march. My 2nd valve slide keeps popping out whenever I use the 2nd valve! Which, while amusing, is a little annoying. I sortof have to hold it in there with my right hand while I play.
It was a fun concert, though, and people seemed to enjoy it. I don't think they heard my wrong notes :)

I have come to the conclusion that my current haircut makes me look like a dental hygienist. While I have nothing against any dental hygienists (except that one chick who used this weird salt-spray and made my mouth feel like sandpaper), I do not wish to look like one. I do not have the personality of a dental hygienist. I barely have the personality of a database programmer. My style (if I have one) is "unkempt", and very polite and professional dental hygienist hair is just not suitable for me. If it grows out a little more, it'll look like Ewan McGregor's Obi-Wan Kenobi hair. But much less sexy.
I can't decide whether to cut it myself, or go get it cut. But it will be shorter soon, mark my words!

I'm all : ambivalent
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