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Part 1 - Are we not men? — LiveJournal
Part 1

The suck-up. Man, what a suck-up! She has this catch phrase, "I believe in [the big boss]." She told a guy today not to criticize, even though criticism was deserved. Then the guy who was criticizing told her not to defend. Hehe!
She's all upset because I think this company are cheap bastards because they don't provide drinks or coffee or even a pay-only coffee machine. I remarked today how odd it is that they all have problems with their cell phones when they work for the phone company. She keeps trying to defend the company! It's very annoying. Then she talks about how great she is and how she's the only one who does these certain things, and the way she talks is like she's showing off for playmates. It's all quite immature and freaky.
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