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Seminal Fluid Popsicle - Are we not men?
Seminal Fluid Popsicle
Or, Words Not To Use.

TI, which played a seminal role in the founding of UTD, once again has demonstrated its visionary corporate leadership and unwavering support for education.

A seminal role? What's next, refurbishing the vomitory?
If TI provided the seminal fluid to spawn the university, who provided the ovum? How come you never hear THAT in a sentence, "They played an ovular role in..." Well, SOMEone had to play an ovular role, or TI could not have played the seminal role. That must mean that I am now playing a zygotal role, as a student.

As I exit via the escalator today, I will contemplate the vomitorial role that it plays in my journey.

I'm all : Mucoid
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Date: July 10th, 2003 - 01:18 pm
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