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Long-ass boring movie - Are we not men?
Long-ass boring movie

It's about this guy, who wasn't genetically engineered, and so he's like, never going to get to be an astronaut. So then, he takes the identity of a genetically engineered guy who is crippled but no one knows it. So he has to do all of this stuff to maintain this identity, then a guy gets killed, and one of his own eyelashes is found, so they think he did it. But they think his ORIGINAL identity did it. Then, it turns out that the police guy is his original identity's brother, and then they eventually find the real killer and it was another guy. So then, the brother wants to expose him, because he's all bitter, but then he doesn't, so the guy gets to go up in space. The guy he took the identity of, he kills himself, which is what he was trying to do when he became crippled.
There's a bunch of boring stuff with a love affair with Uma Thurman and some self-reckoning and stuff. It sorta reminds me of the plot of the movie of Hair. And the movie was lame. So was this. I guess it was trying to be a cautionary tale of genetics gone too far, but it wasn't. It was just some guy. I wanted to see the space part. But there was no space part. Just the guy. Well, another sci-fi movie watched. On to Epoch and The Item.

I'm all : bored bored
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I saved you a seat.
Date: July 19th, 2003 - 07:58 pm
Oi, I liked Gattaca. I do have to admit it's been years since I've seen it and at the time I was probably distracted by the eye candy. But I liked it.
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