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Ay Carumba! - Are we not men?
Ay Carumba!
I've updated my website! I've also reloaded the Dwip video site, from when @home messed up. I haven't yet updated the Ohta site, but I swear I will soon.

Instead of homeys, I'm going to refer to my "crew" as bastards. Me an' my bastards take it to the house. Umm... yeah. That reminds me, why did we like the song "Sunshine on my shoulders"? That song sucked! It sucked the life right outta me! I'm the walking dead because of that song! At least I have an excuse, I was like, 6, when that song came out. And when I was 6, I had to listen to whatever my mom wanted to listen to. Holly's going to grow up singing Anime soundtracks. Well at least they won't suck the life out of her!!!
I'm about to get real bored here. So I'm downloadin stuff. Bad stuff. Stuff that your mother would scold you for. Ok, maybe not that stuff. But it's bad! Bad, I tell you!

I think I'm in a bit of a mood this morning. But I have some music, and it makes me wanna groove. I just might groove later. Buy Bob Schneider, Ugly Americans, and The Scabs albums!! BUY THEM NOW!! GIVE ME SOME CASH!! Umm... wait... those two things are not related. I want cash. Then with the pathetic amount you have left from giving me money, go buy those CDs. Then give them to me. Thanks, you're a real pal.
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