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I like to make up words. - Are we not men?
I like to make up words.
Have I made up a language? You decide.

Hwlowiick woh soofewk w bb hoeillckeosppuiu!

(I've probably just inadvertently written in Welsh.)

In other news, no, I didn't watch a movie at 5am. I forgot to post that from Saturday. And now, in the interest of fair disclosure, here is an article from the internal newspaper:


- Reporting that a vote be [Company] union workers has set the stage for what some believe might become a long and bitter strike, an article in they July 20 edition of The Record (Hackensack) notes that workers representing about 75,000 workers from Virginia to Maine appear far apart on issues of job security, wages and benefits..and contracts are set to expire in two weeks. The article quotes [Company] official [Company Official] and [Striking org] official [other name].

- The Washington Post and others carry a full-page ad from [Company] saying that the company’s union-represented employees currently have some of the best benefits in the industry..and after a new labor contract is signed, that will still be true.

Note that I've hidden the name of the company, in case they have one of those policies "Do not quote our internal newsletter in your LiveJournal". (Hint: I worked here in 2000-2001, too. The higher-ups decided to remove all coffee services and turn off the lights on the vending machines in order to save money. The CEO is featured in a small Onion article this week, but that can't possibly be true, because there is no coffee.)

I woke up early, and home shopping was on instead of Animal Planet. They were selling big gaudy rings. Do you know, I have never seen a woman with a big gaudy ring from QVC flip anyone off. You know, big "rubellite" and diamond flipoff. It almost makes me want to get a big, gaudy ring just so I can flip people off with it. But they're like, $1,000! Or more! And they have wacky gems on them, like pink sapphires. I saw one that was like Lucky Charms, pink sapphires, yellow moons, green clovers...

I'm all : artistic artistic
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I've been goosed!
Date: July 21st, 2003 - 08:45 am
I highly recommend gumball machine rings. You can find some pretty big and guady rings in machines for only twenty-five or fifty cents.
Date: July 21st, 2003 - 11:11 am
When the Welsh army invades and takes over Finland, this is what the language will look like.
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