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Val Gives You The Business - Are we not men?
Val Gives You The Business
Business is weird. They demand accuracy, unless the accurate numbers do not "look right". In which case they make up some numbers, based loosely on the accurate numbers. Then, if they're ethical, they add footnote after footnote to explain exactly what they did to the accurate numbers in order to get to the number they liked. Occasionally, there is some outright bald-faced lie. You can only hope that the bald-faced lie is not an accounting number. You can tell which number by listening for the phrase "No one books from this, right?"

I don't know how to express the contempt and bile I feel for a certain cow-orker. The reason that I feel such contempt is because, as a contractor who wishes to get more work from this organization, I cannot say what I think. I cannot be honest, like I would if she were merely an acquaintance.
This person is so determined to be better than me (at things that aren't work-related). I thought at first it was everyone, but I'm noticing it is specifically directed at me lately. It may not be personal; she brags about everything and has the sob story to prove it. But lately, it has FELT personal. I half-expect her to corner me in the ladies' room and say "I'm better than you!"
Case in point. I made a gesture of exasperation at my computer, because it did something I didn't like. She asked what it was about; I explained that Microsoft Word wants to put little red and green lines under everything. Here was her response: "That means it's a misspelled word." So I said "Your name is a misspelled word?" then she started trying to explain what she "meant". (Yes, it just so happened everyone on the team's name is in the document. And I was nice about it!) Then, she tried to get all grammar-holier-than-thou when I said how stupid it was for trying to rewrite my sentence. I was, of course, correct. Word was wrong in this particular instance.

Now, she just interrupted me in the middle of a sentence to say something that, once again, was wrong. Another guy I work with said "I've learned one thing. Do not question Val. She is right 99.999% of the time."
See, I think the cow-orker wants them to say that about her.

Man, I really wish we hadn't had that exchange just now with the interrupting me. Now I feel like a total ass for falling into it. But shit!!! I get so fucking tired of being interrupted and told I'm wrong, ESPECIALLY when she hasn't heard enough of what I'm saying to know whether or not she's even speaking of the same matter. Shitt!! Haha, shitt!

I think it's time for a smoke break.

I'm all : annoyed annoyed
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Teacher said not to.
Date: July 22nd, 2003 - 08:31 pm
Perhaps you should put up a sign saying "No Annoying, Pendantic Conversations or Interruptions from 8am-5pm", just like a No Parking road sign.
Date: July 23rd, 2003 - 07:30 pm
You could always look at it this way: She wants to be better than you because she's your biggest fan. Why else would she be so competitive with you? It's kinda like flattery...only creepy.
I've been goosed!
Date: July 24th, 2003 - 09:58 am
The interrupting is the part I hate. I just feel pity for the other stuff.

Luckily, I don't work here forever.
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