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Oh me! - Are we not men?
Oh me!
I just typed an entry about my day, because it's been cool, and I forgot that I had felines set as the active journal! Haha, I had to delete it.

So, here's my day:
1.) Acquired Eon ticket! Subsequently caught Latias! Also acquired some figurines that Holly will love, they were giving them away with the Eon ticket.

c.) Acquired 3 pairs of shoes for the price of 2, all tax-free! Yup, it's tax-free weekend here in Plano, and there was a buy 2 get 1 free sale at the shoestore. Luckily, it applied to *pairs* and not to individual shoes. I don't know what Holly would do with 3 shoes.
I got Holly a pair, then I found me some shoes! Cool shoes, that are cool! I will post pictures later. One is some kind of safety shoe, the other is bowling shoes. They are cool, trust me.

Now, for yesterday. I had the best pizza ever yesterday. It was a Papa John's thin crust Garden Special. So, I looked online to get nutrition information for this type of awesome pizza. There are 226 calories per slice, which is much less than the 393 of the All The Meats variety. 496mg of Sodium in the Garden Special, compared to 1051mg in the All The Meats! 1051! That's enough sodium to last you all winter! But that's beside the point. It was a most excellent pizza.

I'm all : bouncy bouncy
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