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Vacation - Are we not men?
And it's vacation time, baby, vacation time!

So, like, we went on vacation. We went to Crater of Diamonds state park in Arkansas, and we didn't find any diamonds. We found some cool rocks, though. Then we went to an indian village, and we saw SKELETAL INDIAN REMAINS! oooooh! (well, they were actually just plastic casts of the original skeletal remains. The actual skeletal remains were buried properly, under your house.) But let me tell you about the smallness of the town we stayed in. It was so small! We had to drive to the next town over (like, 15 miles away) to get a pizza! NOBODY delivered, at all. There was no chinese for miles, well, that I could see. There were all these redneck kids in the pool at the hotel. Holly would say Hello to them, and they'd just look at her like she was from Mars. I guess it's the stereotypical distrust that country folk have for city slickers. Well, pooh! I LIKE being a city slicker, and I LIKE having any and all foods available for delivery, at any and all hours!
I felt like it was a bit of a disaster as vacations go, as far as having a lot of fun. I don't think we did enough stuff, but then, we were in the middle of Nowhere, Arkansas. Next time, we go somewhere civilized.

In other news, the contract is over, so I'm up late. I'm going to bed soon, but I finally got to watch that show FLCL, or Furikuri, or whatever you wanna call it. If I were to categorize it, I'd call it Hyper. It's hyper, especially compared to Cowboy Bebop, which is on later in the night. I also, on vacation, finally saw this show Kim Possible that is all the rage amongst the Disney fans, and that it seems everyone and their dog has been on at some point. The Disney live-action sitcom-type shows are a little better than the Nick shows, but the cartoons still have a ways to go. The ones I saw at least didn't have that annoying over-animated thing going on like the movies, but the humour was so sub-par. I don't see myself becoming a fan.
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