Stays Crispy in Milk (or SCIM for short) (raditzsex) wrote,
Stays Crispy in Milk (or SCIM for short)

This morning

Me, my mom, and my dad played a recorder trio in church this morning. Their church is weird. The pastor acts like he's meeting me for the first time every time we meet. My mom feels quite proud that she has a child, because see, she colors her hair, so people don't realize how old she is.
So today, I told on her! I whispered "They color their hair!" to a lady who said she wasn't aware they were old enough to have a granddaughter Holly's age. My mom got all "You didn't tell her how old I was, did you?" As if it matters, geez!

Well, I guess it would matter, like, if she had told her friends that she was 40 or something.

Incidentally, now I want to be a ninja pirate. Yar, sensei, yar.
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