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Man, I had a weird dream. - Are we not men?
Man, I had a weird dream.
OK, I had this dream that I had all these pets. I went to the reptile expo, and I got this really nice python that loved me. I also got a rattlesnake. It was bigger than the python. So, I bring 'em home, and then I go out to do something. While I'm out, I start to think that maybe having a rattlesnake in the house might be a bad idea, because the cat. So, I rush home to make sure everyone is in their own space, but the cat and the rattlesnake were being all friendly to each other. The rattlesnake wanted to eat the python, but I wouldn't let it. I thought it bit the cat, but it turned out the cat was just curled up on the rattlesnake and being its friend.
That's all I remember. I usually dream about Pokemon, but I don't know if there were pokemon in this one. I had a weird dream one time, when I was playing a japanese version of the game, where I had pokemon and I was travelling around, but I didn't understand the language everyone else spoke so I felt kindof alone. That one was funnier than the one I had last night.

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Teacher said not to.
Date: September 6th, 2003 - 11:53 am
I wonder if that dream was influenced by our IM conversation yesterday.
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