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Nap-dream - Are we not men?
Boy was this a weird one.
I was on a ship (a sea ship, not a spaceship) with my cat, and he had gotten out. So I kept chasing him all over the ship, and the pirates came up on our ship and boarded it. I didn't have time for that, I had to find the cat. He seemed like he was in two places at once. So I'm pretty much tripping over myself trying to catch the cat, and I accidentally trip over Boba Fett right as he is about to shoot Captain Jack Sparrow. He gets all mad and is about to shoot me instead (with one of those guns on his suit) and the cat attacks his head so he misses. This gives Jack and Barbosa time to put him in the brig, minus his weaponry. They are very grateful to me, because the bounty hunter had been tracking them and he is scary. So they forget about pillaging the ship I'm on, and invite me over to one of their ships (they each had one) for dinner. But now I can't find the cat again. I go for dinner, and they give me this Christmas candle thing as a thank-you gift for saving their lives. Elizabeth Swan was there, and she surreptitiously gives me a copper-colored candle (you know, one of those shiny ones) and tells me to take it to Will.
So, I go back to the ship I was on, and they are having a banquet, but they've released Boba Fett and he is sitting at the captain's table! So, Obi-wan Kenobi (young version) comes in and confronts him. He accuses Fett (ok, this sure could have been Jango up to now) of killing Sifo-Dyas. Fett is all "I can't possibly have killed Sifo-Dyas!" and he removes his helmet, and underneath he is a round man with dark head-hair and white mutton chops. And Obi-wan is all "Sifo-Dyas! We thought you were dead!"
When we get back to land, people have heard of our adventures and want to go out on their own adventures. But they aren't very good sailors, and they have a crappy barge thing, and the waves are fuckoff high, so they're in big trouble. I row out in a rowboat, with the cat, to save a guy. We are pummelled by the huge waves, but we manage.
Finally, I'm back in my own home. Soaking wet, but home. So I grab a towel and start drying off the cat, when I realize that he has a twin! No wonder I was tripping over myself trying to catch him! I have to get a towel out of the dryer for the new kitty, but all that's in the dryer are some soccer shorts of Holly's, so I had to use the same towel on both cats.

And no, I have no idea if I managed to give the copper candle to Will.

I'm all : confused confused
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